Welcome to the website of The Elysian Templars.

A long standing Warcraft Raiding Guild, who were highly ranked throughout WotLK, Cata & the first half of MoP.  Sadly the low pop server saw us go our seperate ways & many took a break in WoD.
Our ethos was always good progress whilst only raiding 3nights per week, 3hrs per night.
People who prepare for raids & max their chars, get to raid.  If you put in effort, we will return that effort x10.  We don't pick players based on friends or cliques; new & old players have equal opportunities in this Guild.

If you need more info about us, feel free to contact Littleoldman-Alonsus.

If you're interested in joining, click "Recruitment" and find out what our minimum requirements are & maybe fill in an app to us; I look forward to reading it.

I look forward to kicking the Legion's ass with you soon.