Welcome to the website of The Elysian Templars.

We are a long standing WoW Raiding Guild but we are currently taking a break from Raiding.  We will still exist as a social Guild for the alts of the raiders from yesteryear.
Our ethos was always good progress whilst only raiding 3nights a week, 3hrs per night (Weds, Thurs & Sunday 20:00-23:00ST).  We do NOT have a fixed raid team; instead we have a fair system based on web signups, skills and attendance, to make sure that ALL our main raiders can get gear & experience, whilst still progressing at a good rate.

If you need more info about us, feel free to contact Littleoldman or officers, Layal, Ittoryu, Pope & Qbic.

If you're interested in joining, click "Recruitment" and find out what our minimum requirements are & maybe fill in an app to us; I look forward to reading it.

Enjoy the site.