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re: Application: Bead - Warlock (Affic) (declined)

First name, Age, Gender, Location:

Simon, 23, Male, UK (London)

ADVANCED armory link, character name & class/spec:

Do you have a Blizzard Authenticator?


Alts: please tell us the Names/class/level/spec of ALL your alts, even bank alts. (Give armory links for all lev85 alts)

Thebeed - lvl 62 shammy. My first ever char, created when i got a 30 day free trial back in vanilla. Not used since TBC.
Baed - lvl 49 Druid. Created in BC and only used as bank and AH mule now.
Icdeadppl - lvl 61 DK. Created to see what they were like when they were released. Did start zone, stopped in Hellfire Peninsula.
Dyacme - lvl 10 rogue. Never use, just wanted to try it out.
Whatsthetime - lvl 13 priest. Created as worgen to see start area and story.

Raid Progress (Be very accurate with number of kills if it's just 1 or 2 kills)(give char's names if killed on alts):

MoP: I have only done LFR in MoP (Terrace & HoF 3 times, MsV 4 times. Not done yet since this weeks reset)

BwD - 6/6 10 man normal
BoT - 4/4 25 man normal + Cho'gall heroic (25 man)
FL - 6/7 25 man heroic
DS - 2/7 25 man heroic pre-nerf (Morchok and Hagara)

1st tier - clear on normal
Uld - 10/13 10 man normal
ToC - 5/5 10 man normal
ICC - 10/12 10 man normal (not Bloodqueen or Lich King)

1st tier cleared
Void Reaver & Lurker Below

Can you speak fluent english?


Do you have Mumble & a headset? (Speakers are not acceptable)

Have headset and previously used Vent, but can easily get mumble if required

Complete this sentence: I would never raid using speakers because...

I often have the tv on in the background. I am guessing this is an incorrect answer. I very rarely speak so have never worried about loud noises on the mic. I do have my speakers on so I can hear and respond to instructions and raid warnings, but game sounds are turned right down. As above, I have a good headset and am happy to start using it.

How comfortable are you speaking during raids?

Will speak if necessary, but previously have kept it to a minimum

Are you able to attend raids Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday (Saturday for 10man)?

On the whole I can attend all above days, but I do occasionally play Borderlands 2 with RL friends on week nights. I can't ever do Tuesdays, but based on the above days that won't be a problem

What guilds have you been in & why did you leave?

Current: SoulReaver - the first level 25 guild who sent me a random invite without talking to me when I started playing WoW again towards the end of October after my break. To be honest I only joined for the guild perks. There are a few nice people, but no officers on for a couple of months and no raids/heroics/anything else. Now looking to leave.

Cata: Frequency - all of the 25 man raid content mentioned above was done with Frequency who I joined after previous small guild disbanded. After the first Dragon Soul nerf they went down to a 10 man raid guild. Soon after that I stopped playing WoW as I was getting bored and needed a break.

TBC - Cata: Halcyon - First raid was Kara in BC with small guild (Blades of Justice, then Karma) which we cleared more times than I can count. The guild changed names a few times due to officer disputes, but stayed with the same people all the way through until we disbanded in early phases of FL in cata (all 10 man content was with them).[/color]

CPU, RAM, graphics card & internet connection:

Don't know the specifics, but I bought my PC from a friend who built it for gaming. It has 2 graphics cards and I play on a large monitor in 1920x1080 display (3D capable, but don't really like it). Have good Sky internet connection.

Do you use a Wi-Fi connection?


Any other Guild applications active at the moment?


Please link any WWS or WMO stats.

Sorry, I don't have any of these.

What sites or sources of information do you use in order to keep up to date?

Youtube for boss fight videos. MMOchamp for upcoming info. Warlocks den, Noxxic, Icy Veins & Elitist Jerks for class stuff. Official Blizz site too for forums and info.

Random paragraph about me:

Hi! I am a bit of a collector and in my spare time am working on pets/mounts/reps and achievements, but that is only to pass the time. What I would like to do is be part of a good raid team clearing content whilst it is current and have a laugh whilst doing it.

The funniest thing I've seen in WoW is:

I can't think of anything really funny at the moment, but there have been lots of moments in old guilds where I had a great laugh in quests, raids and dungeons. When I saw my first Brawlers Guild streaker I laughed.

What do you hope for and expect from us during the first month?

I haven't raided properly since Dragon Soul and I miss it. In my first month with you I would hope to get to know people and start to feel like part of a team again. I realise that my gear is missing some enchants and may be gemmed/reforged incorrectly, but I have had no motivation to work on it whilst only doing dailies and LFR. In the first month I would very much like to get this motivation back and make my char the best I can.
Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.

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re: Application: Bead - Warlock (Affic) (declined)

Hi. I'm sorry, but if you are not motivated to sort out your gear/gems/enchants before applying, I don't really see how you will fit in in our guild. Your raiding experience isn't great either...

I would advice you first sort out your char, then apply to the guild which would be closer to your experience lvl...

But ofc decision belongs to officers and GM.

Anyway, good luck in game. I hope you will find your motivation again ;)

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re: Application: Bead - Warlock (Affic) (declined)

Hi, you have applied without enchants and some of your proff stuff is missing.

Your progress and gear is behind our requirements.

Sorry but you'll have to keep searching for a new home.


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