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re: Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider


Copied & pasted from WoWhead:

No More Tears
Easier if you focus on 4-5 adds per blob-phase. If u spread every1 around the room, u will fail & get zero adds.  Remove DPS legendary cloaks or u will kill the adds (they have low health). Ring of Frost, Banish, Fear & Frost Trap are among the abilities that DO NOT WORK .
Void Tendrils, Druid roots, Gorefiend's Grasp and Death Grip work well. Mages should remove weapons to reduce damage (don't kill the blobs) then you can use Frost Nova & Pet Freeze, as well as cone of cold to slow the adds. Make sure all classes have the correct talents & glyphs for Max CC. Healers should heal as many of the other types of adds during this phase or the enrage timer becomes tight.

 Go Long
When He Softfoot is at 66% or 33% he summons "Embodied Anguish" that will fixate ("Mark") somebody... remember the marked person is ROOTED.  The marked player has an extra action bar, which they can use to pass the "Mark" to someone else. Make sure your raid is spread out, no further than 40 yards. Slow DPS the Embodied Anguish & pass Mark of Anguish between at least 6 players (7 to be safe) who are at least 35-40 yards away from each other.  Assign a pass order beforehand, cos passing to the same person twice seems to bug the achievement.

None Shall Pass
On Norushen, people have to click on orbs to transfer into another phase. DPS in the other realm cause 3x small adds "Essence of Corruption" to spawn in the main phase. They cast an ability called Expel Corruption, which must NOT happen to complete the achievement. If you have the DPS, you can simply "zerg" this encounter and not have any DPS click an orb. This way you won't get adds & you'll be safe to complete this achievement. The "intended" way to complete this is to ensure that the beams are blocked by standing between the adds and the boss and also stunning or interrupting the cast as well as NUKING the small adds fast.

Tanks & Healers can clear their stacks as normal.

Swallow Your Pride
During the Sha of Pride fight, an adds called "Manifestation of Pride" spawns at the back of the room. His ability "Mocking Blast" must be interrupted or stunned & the 3 people with the "Gift of the Titans" must RUN to the add fast.  For the 1st add I recommend that buffed players watch DBM timers & run to the add spawn point 5secs before it spawns because it will die SUPER fast.  When it dies, 2 players closest will gain 5 pride each, UNLESS they are the buffed people...  If unbuffed people gain pride from the add dying, it's a wipe!!!

The trick to this achieve is the 2nd add spawn... it spawns at roughly the same time as the titan buff is given out, so u need to interrupt/stun this add and NOT kill it too fast.  The buffed people won't know who they are until the add appears, so u must give them time to run over to it... likewise, UNbuffed players need to get away from it.  I strongly advise that melee do NOT bother hitting this add unless they are buffed.

If u have high dps u will get Sha to 30% before the 3rd add spawns & then the add timers get reset, so u should kill the boss before u get another add, but if u do get another add, make sure the buffed people are closest & range-interrupters are watching the timers.

The Immortal Vanguard
Most groups get this achievement by default. This requires you to not let any of the friendly NPC's die during the Galakras fight. Make sure you keep stunning any adds who breakaway and damage the friendly NPC's. Use stuns, and if you have a Death Knight, the Death Grip ability works very well too.

Fire in the Hole!
When Iron Juggernaut is in phase 2 (siege mode) he casts tar, closely followed by mines, then laser, just as the mines move to their targets.  Place 2 marks roughly 20yds apart (far left & far right side, for example) behind the boss, in melee range... Choose a spot for the 2nd mark, that is VERY close to a wall/fence so u won't get knocked far away by his knockback ability. 

When the boss begins P2, ALL DPS & Healers stack on mark1 and wait for tar... half way thru the tar castbar, run to the 2nd mark and wait for mines.  Once the mines are deployed, the laser will focus on 1 person... Everyone else must move away from the mark & the laser person must kite the beam thru the mines, making sure u hit each 1.  When they're hit u should notice them glow red & they become "Superheated Crawler Mine", get the usual mine stompers to stomp on these mines & all is well. Repeat this again for the next set of mines & u should have 6 in total, which is what's required for the achieve.

Rescue Raiders
Before the Dark Shaman encounter, you to clear a load of trash. Avoid killing certain neutral NPCs to complete this achievement.  N.B. u won't get the achievement until the bosses are dead.

- Ji Firepaw is in one of the first packs you see after you enter the gates. Simply kill Kor'kron Overseer to rescue him.

- kill Mokvar the Treasurer for the Kor'kron Cage Key to rescue the caged prisoners.

- Crowd Control the neutral NPC's "Theramore Citizens" on the right side of the courtyard and kill the mobs around them.

- In front of the cage area, there are 5 Neutral NPC's, u need to CC all 5 and kill the mobs around them.  Pull the mobs far back to avoid accidentally tab-targeting the wrong thing.

Gamon Will Save Us!
While killing the trash on your way to General Nazgrim, make sure Gamon stays alive. During the encounter itself, don't let Nazgrim cast too many War Song as this will kill Gamon. You can avoid this by respecting the mechanics of this encounter - avoid Heroic Shockwave, kill Kor'kron Banner immediatly and don't attack during Defensive Stance.

N.B. Don't release Gammon right away, clear the mobs along the way, especially the HUGE demon and the mages near him, or he will agro these as he runs down to Nazgrim.  Clear everything and send a fast runner back up to release him.  Also, keep him healed during the fight to help out.

Unlimited Potential
Before you reach Malkorok's room, there is a Corrupted Skullsplitter at the bottom of the stairs. He needs to be engaged and kited to Malkorok's room. Making him stand in Breath of Y'Shaarj will convert him into Corrupted Amalgamation. Once the NPC is converted, he needs to be killed as soon as possible. A knockback works nicely to make the NPC stand in breath, otherwise you'll need someone to take one for the team.

N.B. this add also does a conal effect much like the boss's cone, so tank it facing the edge of the room, to avoid the raid taking additional damage.

Criss Cross
During the Spoils encounter, traditionally you would split the raid into two groups, and have each group kill mobs on their respective side. The catch here is to switch mid-way through the encounter and go over to the other side. 
Group 1 starts on Mogu, Group 2 starts on Mantid... leave 3-4 small boxes near the Hook, so u can kill these last.  Send a healer back up (click the hook) when u have 3-4 small boxes left to clear, they can heal from above, plus they need to heal themselves, cos the console will deal increasing damage.  When the boxes are all clear, the tank goes up next; this way the tank and healer can begin the next room, while the DPS gradually join them.  Obviously the tank and healer should start with easy boxes first, then do the big stuff when the whole team is there.  A dps should be assigned to click the door lever when the room is cleared, but once the door is opened, stay next to the hook and do not hit anything in the other room.

Giant Dinosaur vs. Mega Snail
During the Thok encounter, when you need to open the cage, make sure you open the Cage with the snail in it. Time your DPS so after 3 transitions Thok is at around 5% health. When you open the Snail Cage the third time, a snail will come out and walk over to Thok. Don't stand in it's path - it acts the same as Ji'Kun trash in Throne of Thunder. By the time it reaches Thok, he should be dead and it will eat the body and you will get the achievement.

Lasers and Magnets and Drills! Oh My!
During the Siegecrafter encounter, every 40 seconds you will be sending a DPS on to the conveyor belt to kill one of the weapons. The four types of weapons on the conveyor belt are:

Activated Missile Turret
Activated Laser Turret
Activated Electromagnet
Crawler Mine

To make things easy, you can opt to exclude one weapon type a week, alternatively, if you're feeling very confident, you can just ignore the weapons on the belt completely and zerg the boss. I wouldn't advise this approach however, as it will get very messy very quickly this way.

Now We are the Paragon
During the Paragons of the Klaxxi encounter, every time one of the bosses dies, you are able to click on their body and get a buff from them. You are only allowed one buff per player per encounter. Completing the encounter with three different buffs (on three different kills) will grant you this achievement. The available buffs are:

Korven the Prime: Master of Amber
Xaril the Poisoned Mind: Vast Apothecarial Knowledge
Iyyokuk the Lucid: Ingenious
Ka'roz the Locust: Strong Legs
Skeer the Bloodseeker: Bloodthirsty
Kil'ruk the Wind-Reaver: Angel of Death
Hisek the Swarmkeeper: Compound Eye
Kaz'tik the Manipulator: Dominant Mind
Rik'kal the Dissector: Mad Scientist

During the Garrosh encounter, Siege Engineers will channel a spell to activate Ko'kron Iron Star. They will move through the room doing damage to anything in their path. Have your off-tank pick up Kor'kron Warbringer and tank them in the path of the stars. It appears that currently you don't have to kill all 18 at the same time with the same star. It may be fixed in a future patch.

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re: Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider


They are all easy as long as its done in flexi with no more than 14 players (cz the boss will get much stronger).

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re: Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider


Hi all... Not sure how many still check the site, but I've been thinking of doing a few flex runs over the holidays to get the SoO meta achievement. Not sure what day will be best.  I can't do 24th - 27th are out of the question for me, but 28, 29, 30th should be good.  Even if we just do 2 "wings" per raid we can make a nice dent in the achieves & get them all in 2 days.

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re: Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider


Would be interesting.


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