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re: Application: Izilira - Assination Rogue

First name, Age, Gender, Location:

ADVANCED armory link, character name & class/spec:

Extra Relevant stuff:

Do you have a Blizzard Authenticator?
Of course Happy

Alts: please tell us the Names/class/level/spec of ALL your alts, even bank alts.
(Give armory links for all lev85 alts)


Below 85:
Arizae - Warrior
Fluttérshy - Paladin
Xirir - Monk

Raid Progress (Be very accurate with number of kills if it's just 1 or 2 kills)(give char's names if killed on alts):
All progress listed is when the content was relevant, unless stated otherwise.

In WotLK I raided on my Mage.
In Cataclysm I raided on my Death Knight
In Mists of Pandaria I raided, and am raiding on my Rogue.

WoTLK: 12/12 ICC 10 + 25 Normal
2/12 ICC 25 HC

Catacylsm: BoT 10N 4/4 5/5HC @ 4.3

BWD 10N 6/6
Then cleared 6/6HC @4.3

ToFT 10N 2/2
Then cleared 2/2HC @4.3

FL 10 3/7HC
Then cleared 7/7HC @4.3

DS 10 8/8HC

Mists of Pandaria:
MGV Normal 6/6 (25)

MGV HC: 4/6
9x Kills on Dogs
5x Kills of Feng
3x Kills on Gara'jal
1x Kills on Elegon

HoF Normal 6/6 (25)

HoF HC: 0/6 (25) However, sub 5% wipes on both Blade Lord + Wind Lord (because relevance yo)

ToES Normal: 4/4 (25)

Can you speak fluent english?

Do you have Mumble & a headset? (Speakers are not acceptable)
Yes to both questions.

Complete this sentence: I would never raid using speakers because...
Nobody enjoys listening incredibly loud and large amounts of feedback, I hate hearing it, you hate hearing it. Don't do it.

How comfortable are you speaking during raids?
Comfortable enough, I have no issues speaking when I have input or asked a question or am required to call out a debuff that needs to be watched. However i'm not the type to talk idly when in raids, I keep a serious attitude.

Are you able to attend raids Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday (Saturday for 10man)?
Without a doubt.

What guilds have you been in & why did you leave?

In chronological order:
(wall of text)

I began WoW in 3.3 (wrathbaby) and raided with Nerf Me as 25 man, it was a great experience, as well as my first real raid experience, unfortunately towards the end of the expansion a lot of people ended up quitting the game due to being burned out and raids were hard to come by and I eventually left myself to join an upcoming 10 man raiding guild, Insomnia.

Insomnia was perfect at the time due to the late night/early morning raiding times and I stayed here from the release of cataclysm up until the middle of 4.1, by which time I wasn't getting along very well with a few of the new recruits, so I decided to call it quits for Insomnia and headed off to a social guild with a couple of buddies.

I joined Reproba Vir from 4.1 until late 4.2, and didn't do a great deal of raiding at this point in time, however I had a great time and met some brilliant people, by the time the Firelands nerf hit I headed off to a more serious raiding guild with a desire for boss kills.

Nocturnal, I raided with throughout nerfed 4.2, the entirety of 4.3 and the early few months 5.0.6 after re-rolling rogue. I eventually wanted to progress more, and to raid 25 man, as well as raid more days per week on an earlier schedule.

Eclipse, this is the pinnacle of my raiding 'career', joined them last November and got into the 25 man scene again from there. I raided with them up until early February which was a shorter time than I had hoped for. I took a 2 month break from WoW following college courses and social life. I had to make this decision because raiding 16 hours a week was way too much for me to stay sane whilst maintaining college studies and a social life. After I got back to WoW (approx 4 days ago ^^) they were no longer raiding 25 mans, and I wanted to step into 25 man raiding again because I no longer have any serious college work/exams left.

Confession, purely social. Only here whilst I find another guild.

CPU, RAM, graphics card & internet connection:

Do you use a Wi-Fi connection?
No. Wired connection.

Any other Guild applications active at the moment?
Nah, just this one.

Please link any WWS or WMO stats. (scroll down for ranked logs as they're obviously the best logs to represent capability/skill/whateveryouwanttoputhere)
Eclipse in January/February:

LFR Today:

What sites or sources of information do you use in order to keep up to date?

Random paragraph about me:
Chilled for the most part, serious when it matters 17 (nearly 18 \o/) year old game-a-holic. Competitive card game player IRL and a competitive DPS whore inside WoW.. within reason.. I enjoy being smart and strategic in my plays/actions and will min/max often to stay at the top of my game. I've been raiding in mature guilds that usually only take adults and I've had no problems and gotten along just fine.

Out of gaming, I have being studying ICT, Psychology and Business Studies at A level for the past year and a half and am set to finish college come the end of this year.

The funniest thing I've seen in WoW is:
Purely for giggles of course!

What do you hope for and expect from us during the first month?
To get to know the guild, find my spot and hopefully become an asset to the raid team and push progression bosses over with you.

Extra Notes:
I am more than aware that my progress and experience with the current tier is far your current progression but I hope you will see my value as a player particularly through my logs and experience in the previous tier. You won't regret giving me the opportunity to prove myself.

Thanks for your time Happy

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re: Application: Izilira - Assination Rogue

Hey man shame to see you're not on your dk anymore he was pro
I know nothing about rogues but good luck with your application


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re: Application: Izilira - Assination Rogue

Heya man, thanks ^^ they were fun times.

Also.. Wow.. The title.. how I did I manage to spell Assassination as Assination.
/slaps wrist hard. Q_Q

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re: Application: Izilira - Assination Rogue

Hi, thanks for the app, I will look into it closely when Im home from work.


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re: Application: Izilira - Assination Rogue

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