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re: Garrosh Tactics *EDITED AFTER KILL*



Raid Setup - 2tanks, 2 healers, 6 DPS.

P1 - Boss tanked in the centre of the room, healers stack on melee & range on Green & Blue marks, killing Weapons moving between the marks (stacking) & killing weapons + Adds + DPSing boss.  We start with DPS split between the marks, so only mark needs to move, just gives a tiny bit more DPS.  1 Person is assigned to Kill Engineer, which is the 1 marked with a Red E, on the left of the pic. 

N.B. You must have 3 people at range, so if u only have 2 range dps, 1 healer needs to stand out of range.  Also, both tanks need to be close to eachother & melee + healers need to stay close to the boss's bum, or they will be classed as "at range" and will be targeted by thrown weapons.

P2 – 10secs after P2 begins we are dragged into the heart realm.  After the 1st heart phase, the Boss will be tanked in the new spot, shown on the map.  Range will run to green, drop a weapon, then run to yellow for the first normal whirl.  The tanks can keep the boss in range of the DPS for the 1st and 2nd whirls, cos we have Barrier and smoke bombs to help us.

Tanks, for the 3rd whirl and for empowered whirls, move the boss away from the group, he can be moved whilst whirling.

Range will move to boss for Mind Controls (MCs), but will IGNORE the weapons, we will drop them at yellow, then red, then purple and so on (following the arrows).

EMPOWERED WHIRLS!!! We got 2 of these, in P2, so we had to use personal CDs and move FAAAAR away from the boss.  (I was 60yds from boss and was taking 30k per hit, Warlock "Shadow Ward" is very helpful as is Ember Tap; dead men do no dps). Healers need to stand a bit closer to keep the boss tank alive & also, the boss tank will need to use a CD for empowered whirl cos he's very close & it will hurt.

We killed the 1st and 2nd wave of adds & the rest were picked up by the tank.  Pally tank turned Righteous Fury off to stop ALL the adds going to him, due to his healing Seal & DKs & hunters  ( + anyone else with a taunt) taunted them from people/tanks & killed them on their own, FAAAAR from other adds.  KILLING AN ADD NEAR ANOTHER ADD = WIPE... DON'T DO IT!!!

Nuke the boss & stack for MCs.  MCs are priority No.1.  The adds don't hit very hard unless u retardedly kill another add nearby, therefore, don't worry about being hit by a normal add, make sure u prioritise the Mind Controlled people, then move out, kill your add, on it's own and BURN the boss.

We used Heroism when the 2nd wave of adds came, so we could clear them up and NOT get a 3rd set until the boss was in his final phase.  As soon as he goes into the final phase, pop army of the dead, warlock super pets and all those types of CDs... very very helpful.


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re: Garrosh Tactics *EDITED AFTER KILL*


Thanks Backkingaw, 

Hope this helps us tonight.



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